A Simplified Space: home, office, and personal space organization

Get Free People!

A Simplified Space is the premier choice for home & business organization. A Simplified Space is 'simplifying' all of DFW!

A Simplified Space is a wonderful place to be! The philosophy of the company is to get that feeling of frustration and chaos and push it out the door. You do not need more space. You do not need more bins. You do not need more shelves. You need less stuff. How do you know you have too much stuff? If you are spending too much time organizing the things you have and trying to find uncluttered space for them - it means you have too much. There is certainty when you clear the unnecessary clutter from your space you will find more time, more money and more energy than you had before. We guarantee it! A Simplified Space is what we do best!


“My pantry looks absolutely AMAZING! I can hardly believe it is the same space—I can actually find what I need and everything is easy to see and very stylishly organized. It is easy to keep up with and very user friendly. Even my hubby can find what he needs. I have actually saved money after my session with Rochelle, as I know exactly what I need and how much, so I do not overbuy and things do not go to waste. It was worth every penny and more—I highly recommend Rochelle’s services and will definitely have her back to do more for us”

~ Suzanne Altstaetter, Arlington TX

We hired A Simplified Space to help us re-do our master closet and to turn our garage from a storage place into my husbands workshop. Rochelle, the owner and the magician, was simply amazing. Rochelle comes in and next thing you know, you are looking at a transformed space. She gets right to business and is the hardest worker I know. The workshop is an organized, clean, and efficient space. Rochelle simply does what you need done. Not only is she professional, but she is incredibly personal. You hire an organizer and leave with a friend. A Simplified Space was JUST what we needed and you can believe we will be using them again.

~ Teri Williams, Celina TX

Rochelle is more than an organizer, she helps you change your lifestyle and gives you the tools to live a simplified life. We have five kids and I've learned how to manage my household without being overwhelmed with ``stuff``. Everything has a place and everyone is on the same page about where things go. It's not just about bins and labels with Rochelle!

~Leslie Maxwell, Fort Worth TX

Thanks so much for all the help in my house. My daughter’s bedroom, the kitchen, several closets and the office so far and more to come! I especially can’t wait for you to be able help with our garage!! I love how it’s not just about making it ‘look nice’ but about truly organizing in a way that helps with the ease and flow of the household! You are awesome!”

~Denise Epp, Bedford, TX

I must be Rochelle’s most impressed Raving Fan. When she arrived at my office the first time, I was afraid she would laugh, turn around and run away. To my amazement, she accepted the challenge. Now I am able to retrieve documents in seconds rather than scour through stacks and mountains of papers.

~John Fletcher, Bedford, TX

In our early stages, it was not uncommon for her to discover I had five or six files all for the same purpose, only scattered around the office. Whenever I would “start over” in my mind, my process was to just start another file. I had a terrible amount of duplicated effort.

~John Fletcher, Bedford, TX

Not only has Rochelle organized my office, but she has also trained me in work flow thought processes. I am more aware of how to touch the paper once and file it where it belongs rather than start yet another stack.

~John Fletcher, Bedford, TX

Hey Rochelle! I had to send you a personal thank you for your presentation at the WILD luncheon this week! I went home and began to clean out my closet of some clothes that I haven't worn in years! Take a look at this picture of a pair of shoes I've had in the closet for I don't know how long! I definitely won't be able to do anything with them so I'm not sure why they sat there taking up space for so long! I should have taken before and after pictures of my closet too! I'm excited to 'get free' and clean other parts of the house! Thanks again!

~Chantelle Williams, Euless, TX

If you feel helplessly and hopelessly lost and are embarrassed to ask for help, call Rochelle. She has a servant’s heart and will move you farther ahead than you would ever imagine.

~John Fletcher, Business Client, Hurst, TX