All that school paper!

What to do with all the paper your kid’s bring home from school? The time is upon is. The little ones are back to school.

Nine months of paper is coming!

We need a paper for carpool procedures. We need a paper for how to purchase their lunch. We need a paper for physical education. We need a paper for school policy. We have graded papers. We have homework papers. We need a paper for –


The school is not going to stop sending it home. We need a plan to keep it under control.

All “action” paper, meaning homework and forms that need to go back to school, should have ONE place in a designated homework station. Then do it! Sign the papers and put them right back in your child’s backpack.

Art work, graded work, policies or procedures you want to hang onto are removed from the action station (immediately) and put in a place that is out of the way.

So how do you decide what to keep? Personally I keep a lot until the very end of the school year. Now if my little scribbled on a piece of paper I toss it. If he did really great on a spelling test or his art work was good I keep it. I often keep a favorite shirt. I have a drawer in my craft room with his name on it. I throw everything in there. At the end of the school year I weed through it all – all the way down to one box that is 9x12x2. I label it with his name, grade and school year.

The next step will be to take them and make permanent memory books. One step at a time…

Luckily when your kids get to junior and high school it is not nearly as complicated.

Hang in there!


All That Paper 2

All That Paper 1

All That Paper 3

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