Choose Life Experiences Over Stuff

Two of the most wonderful people in my life are Lee & Teri Williams.

I met Teri at UTA in the Theatre Arts department in 1999. I loved her immediately. She is one of the ladies I rely heavily on for honest advice and honest praise.

One of the most awesome things about this couple today, is the fact they spend their hard earned money on incredibly thoughtful gifts to each other. Their equally amazing daughter is being raised to do exactly the same. Sometimes it is a material possession. Most of the time it is a life experience.

They have given each other …

A bucket list chance to drive a ’69 Camaro- given to Teri by Lee. Teri was in heaven and even had her dad come along for the ride.

Haley and Lee participate in Fun Runs together and Haley gifts them to Lee often.

Teri has given Lee two “flight” experiences- one in which he actually was able to fly the plane himself and the other where he was a passenger in a STUNT plane. Nuts.

There are more, these two experience life together.

Choose Life ExperiencesChoose Life Experiences 2

Choose Life Experiences 4 Choose Life Experiences 3

Now how wonderful is that?

Really, really put your mind there right now. Would you rather have a material possession that will be replaced by something else in the not too distance future I suspect? Or have a day like Lee and Teri have experienced?

Imagine the joy and love they share in what they received. Oh! Imagine the joy and love watching the other experience their experience. Being so free in spirit – being so free of physical clutter.

This blog ties into the blog “Oh the Guilt and Obligation.”  Choose wisely my friends – for yourself and for others in your life.


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