Ditch the Junk Drawer

I am confused by the “junk” drawer. You smile, because right now, you are picturing yours.

One can be found in nearly every kitchen. I often wonder who had the first junk drawer?

Why were others inspired to follow the example of the junk drawer? Why in this day and age of organized knowledge does one still have the junk drawer?

I do not have a junk drawer. I use the drawers in my kitchen for things I use in my kitchen! Surprise. Space is limited. Why waste great space on junk?

What is junk anyway? That question is also confusing because often the things I see in a client “junk” drawers is not really junk.

Listen Up.

Batteries – put them in the laundry room or a closet

Pens – all those free pens you get at conferences – seriously you do not need 100 of them just because they were free – throw them away or better yet, donate them to a local teacher, school, or non-profit.

Barrettes, Bobby Pins and all those hair ties – put them back in the bathroom

McDonald’s toys – trash

Scissors – put them with the knives

Tools – put those damn things in the garage where they belong

Do you need sticky notes and pens in the kitchen? Yes! Dedicate part of a drawer (or I have a small basket on the counter) with one small notepad and three pens or sharpies. The basket holds only that.

Do not let it get overrun with any other junk. Repeat. ONLY THAT.

Junk drawers are lazy drawers. Disassemble the lazy…put the junk in the proper place somewhere else in your house.



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