You Don’t Need The Ice Cream Maker!

Ok people! Let’s get real! Like REAL, for REAL! They were great wedding gifts. They were a real bargain on clearance (go you little saver!) You were trying to be a creative gift giver. White elephant gift exchange at Christmas. Raise your hands if you have an untouched ice cream maker, snow cone maker, cake pop maker in your house? Or better yet in that pile in your garage? And don’t think NOT raising your hands makes you less guilty. I know better…

Key word! Untouched!

I am going to give you some great advice for FREE!

You are not going to use it. You are not going to get it out “one Saturday night.”  It will be good family time. We tend to stray from things that are “too much work” and go with what is easy. I am far from lazy myself. It is easier to run to the store on that Saturday night to buy a half gallon of ice cream than it is to shop for the required ingredients, read the instructions, do the work, wait for it to freeze, then await the long eating of the ice cream. Even if it tastes good, it is not going to be as good as Blue Bell, right?

I am not judging you. Never will. We had all these small appliances in our home too, given to us as thoughtful gifts. We used them zero times and donated them all. Sorry, if you’ve been one of the gifters, but, hey, now you know.

Spending time together as a family is important. I am not saying you skip that “one Saturday night.” I just want you to think about choosing an activity that doesn’t require your space to hold things that are not giving you the most joy.

Go right now. Gather them up. Take them to the donation station. And head to the store while you’re out and grab a gallon of ice cream!


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