Flat Surfaces!

One of the first things I address with clients is flat surfaces. To this organizer, it is one of the most disruptive things to a peaceful space.

All flat surfaces are generally affected. I see how easy it is to just lay anything – everything – down. Kitchen counter. Bedside table. Coffee table. Bathroom counter. Master closet shelf. Kitchen table.

Stop doing it today! Every flat surface in your house should not serve as the mail station.

Why is your shopping list in your bathroom? You will not find your daily to-do list on your bedside table.

Here’s my soap box! Your bedside table should only have things on it that will relax you in your sleeping space. A good book and one chapstick or hand lotion. Make your sleep time only sleep time – not read the mail time.

Bathroom counter is for a few pretty perfume bottles and a family photo. Get your toiletries under the sink and get the kiddos school work in a designated place.

Kitchen counter is not the collector of all the mail and coupons you have yet to get organized. Get a nice, appropriately sized bin to collect ALL PAPER in one place. Kitchen table should always be clear to sit and have a meal or play a board game. ALWAYS!

Coffee table is for decorations and pictures. Make it a living space. Not a working space.

If you have a home office, then use it as the office. If you do not, find one space in your home for just that purpose.

The shelves in your master closet? For the “love of the shelf” people stop putting so much unnecessary stuff there because you don’t know what to do with it.

In my home, every room serves the purpose it was made for. My bedroom is where I read and sleep. My kitchen is where I cook and eat. My bathroom is where I shower and do my hair. My office is where I store my work.

Make sense?

Awesome – then get kickin’ on making your space what it is meant to be!



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