We love them. Let’s just get that out there and say that first.


Husbands this is my simple plea to you.
Your wife called me because she needs help to simplify the space you all share. We are not going to throw everything you own to the curb. You can keep your beloved college t-shirts. However, let’s purge the college shorts with the holes in the seat,  & you know the ones I am talking about. Your beautiful wife was brave enough to send the smoke signal all the way to me for help. Please hold my hand and join me in the fight against the stuff. She wants to create a clean,  chaotic free home for herself,  you,  and your children.

Seasons change (no,  I won’t quote the Expose lyrics,  but listen to it,  it’s a good song)
Your wife will change.
Your kids will change.
You will change.
Let your space GROW with the change.

Yes,  could she do it without paying me by the hour? Of course,  she is amazing. However,  look in her eyes,   she is tired. She is overwhelmed. She will succeed beyond measure with some help.  And everyone wins.

And you have my word…we will ask before we donate…
but be honest…you don’t even wear those college shorts with the holes in the seat.

Let them rest in peace.



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