Make your bed! Do the dishes!

From the time I was little, I have made my bed everyday.
Part of it was my mom reminding me to be grateful I had one.
Part of it was I like the clean look of my room when it is done.
Plus friends – it takes less than 5 minutes. Seriously. When you pass through your room through the day you have a feeling of starting your day off right.


The same goes for doing the dishes. I know, roll your eyes, but listen.
How do you feel when you walk into the kitchen and see a sink full of dirty dishes?
If you feel great then stop reading this.
If you wish your kitchen were clean and ready for your next meal – then for goodness sakes, just do your dishes!
Again it takes just a few minutes if you do them right away after each meal. Remind yourself again to be grateful you have food, dishes, etc.
Why spend an hour on a sink load, scraping, sighing, and whining if you can be more pro-active and just do them!


Open the blinds! Turn on the lights! Put some music on! I see a lot of clients who don’t open the blinds. Who do not want to see the clutter or  let the light shine into their lives. Natural light can help wondrously.

Take pride in your home and your space.
Keep it SIMPLE and clean.

A big part of being organized day to day is making sure those daily chores gets done. Daily.
It gives you a continual sense that everything is in its place. You have accomplished the small things.

The big things you want to accomplish will then follow. It says you have stayed committed to what you say you want – efficiency and organization!


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