Oh the guilty and obligation!

I have worked recently with several clients who have kept things out of guilt or obligation.

I find this more times than not in client’s homes. Therefore, let’s discuss…

Guilt is a very difficult emotion. We all have it and we all hate it. Keeping items out of guilt puts a negative connotation of those items. Is that what we want? Probably not.

Obligation is also a tough one. If you do not truly love the item, then why are you allowing a sense of obligation hold you back to being free of clutter?

Gifts are wonderful. My love language is gifts. I love receiving things. Large or small they make us all feel special. Hand me down items – whether they be something someone else did not want anymore or family heirlooms can also be very special. How fun are holidays? Pretty darn fun!

As wonderful as all these are, these things make for a ton of clutter in your home. Parents, friends, children – all have the best intentions when they buy things for you or pass things down. The intention is felt with love. The result is often felt in the sadness or frustration with what it is does to our space.

If you have loved it and appreciated it then you have done a good thing. Let go of the guilt and obligation when you are done owning it. Give yourself permission to let it go. The other person needs to respect your decision. You own your space. No one else. I know this may seem a bit harsh or hard. I get that. However, do you want to be free or do you want to let someone else or someone else’s stuff own your space?

Be mindful when you are the person purchasing or wanting to hand things to another. Ask yourself – does this really fit in the lifestyle of the person receiving it?


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